These Fall Nail Designs Are About to Earn You Countless Likes


As summer comes to a close, if you're anything like us, then you're likely thinking about your wardrobe swaps: boots, jackets, cozy knits, and the like. But what about your nail art? While we're all for wearing whatever you want, whenever you want, there's no denying that some colors are more fall-friendly than others (and some designs more timely). So if you want to give your nails the same love as the rest of your transitional routine, keep scrolling to discover 40 fall nail designs worth trying in 2019.

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Pearly Points

If you'd like to set aside solid nail color in favor of elaborate nail art this fall, consider copying this luxe look from celebrity manicurist Betina Goldstein. To create it, you'll need flat-edge pearls in varying sizes, small pieces of gold chain, base coat to help adhere the nail accessories, and patience to bring it all to life.

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Black Cats

Sure, Halloween isn't until October, but it's never too early to bring out a little black cat magic. To DIY the Insta-worthy nail art, paint your nails black and top them off with clear silver glitter, like Smith & Cult Color Nail Polish ($18) in Unscene.

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Tortoiseshell Accents

Tortoiseshell never gets old-especially in fall, given it's dark earthy hues. If you're not ready to fully let go of summer, illustrate your in-between mood with this diagonal negative space nail art.

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Crimson and Navy

Speaking of dark hues, these navy and rust nails have us swooning. The clean lines and deep colors play well for an autumn mani you'll want to show off.

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Autumn Florals

Sure, florals might be synonymous with spring, but if you opt for darker reds and dustier yellows, they can work well for autumn, too. Here, manicurist Megan Tanhill takes inspiration from the fall runways to deliver us with a nail look we're sure to want to copy.

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Mismatched Berries

Let's not forget about the magic that is rainbow nails. While a rainbow technically insinuates a ROYGBIV color combo, when it comes to manicures on Instagram and in real life, it's all about mismatched colors working together to create one head-turning look: As is the case here, with a set of dusty hot colors that illustrate the sun setting on summer in preparation for fall.

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Dripping Stripes

Another way to celebrate a smooth transition into fall is to paint your nails white and overlay them with autumn-friendly hues like crimson, orange, black, and cool blue. Luckily for us, this Insta-worthy nail look is super easy to recreate. Start with a white base, paint on a few stripes and use a toothpick to drag out the edges. Voila!

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Dual-Sided Stunners

Can't choose a single color (or even two?) Same-that's why this dual-sided nail look is one of our all-time faves. The modern design doesn't confine beauty lovers to a single nail color, instead giving us the opportunity to pick as many as 20 different hues to create the split-nail look.

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Art Deco Inspo

Prefer your nail art to look a bit more intricate? This geometric design features a handful of dusty colors for one autumn-friendly nail art idea you might want to enlist the help of a pro to create.

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Simple Swipes

We love a low maintenance mani and this particular one takes the cake for its simple design. To create it, pick a few fall nail colors and swipe them on for an effortless artsy appeal. Best of all, once your nails start to grow out, your autumn art will continue to look its best, as it's designed to feature a negative space accent.

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Dripping in Gold

Gold is one nail color that fits all seasons but looks especially fitting in autumn. It resembles the magical allure of changing leaves and embers starting to crack in the fire. As such, it's worth dipping your tips in the hue, as Goldstein demonstrates above.

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Negative Space Florals

Another way to make negative space work for your autumn nail art goals: opt for florals. This little garden will turn your tips into a masterpiece that will look stunning for weeks thanks to its unnoticeable grow-out.

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3-D Designs

Just because autumn is known for darker, dustier hues doesn't mean you have to shy away from bold colors. After all, just look at the streets of fashion month. If you're looking to rock bold fall nail art, bring this pic to your manicurist for inspo.

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Bronze Outline

Autumn nail art doesn't have to be complex. Sometimes it's as simple as lining the edges of your nail bed in bronze and calling it a day.

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Dipped in Olive

You can never go wrong with olive green in autumn. Pair it with a touch of gold and you have one fall nail art idea all your friends will want to copy.

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Tiny Dots

Looking for a simple autumn DIY? Paint your nails with brick red nail polish and use a toothpick to layer on tiny white dots. Don't worry about them being perfect either-no points off for misshapen circles (we actually encourage a more low-maintenance vibe).

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Solid and Striped

Why pick one color when you can opt for a few? This '80s-inspired nail art can work for any season, but with these colors, it's especially fitting for fall.

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Primary Lines

Go back to the basics this fall with this negative space nail art that features single horizontal lines as the focal point. It will let you get in on the rainbow nail trend while keeping your manicure minimal.

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Matte Metallics

Mattes and metallics just go together, especially when they come in gold, army green, and pinkish-nude. If you have the metallic nail colors you'd like to use but they're not matte, you're in luck. Simply layer them with OPI's Matte Top Coat ($11) and watch the magic happen.

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Autumn Arachnids

Craving something a tad spookier? Goldstein teaches us all just how chic a fistful of spiders can look. Just be mindful that perfectly emulating this look will take loads of patience, so you might want to make an appointment with your manicurist to bring it to life.

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Berry and Rose Gold

Cranberry and rose gold are two autumn hues that never go out of style. When you pair them together, you know you'll have a winning nail look.

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Candy Coated

Let your love of caramel-coated apples shine through with this manicure. This light brown negative space nail art is simple but equally as sweet.

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Yayoi Kusama Vibes

You simply can't go wrong with this dotted nude nail art that looks-and actually is-easy to recreate. Start with a nude polish and follow it up with black dots in varying sizes.

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Pale Diagonals

Not ready to say goodbye to summer's pastels? This striped nail art lets you play up the contrast for an autumn manicure you'll want to wear time and time again.

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Gorgeous Greens

Let your fingertips mimic the changing leaves with this rainbow nail art that goes from light to dark. You could even use your other hand to show the transition into reds and browns.

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Fantastic Foils

Gold foil? Yes, please. You can layer it over brick red, as was done here, or consider pairing it with rich hues like eggplant, slate, or forest green.

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Burgundy Florals

Love a dark nail but crave a little floral detail? These abstract florals will be right up your alley. While they look lifelike, once you get up close and personal, you'll realize it's just a bunch of well-placed polish blended together. Why not give it a whirl?

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Inverted Lines

This inverted nail look is a fun take on the mismatched nail trend. Where one hand features thick green stripes and thin berry lines, the other touts thick berry stripes and thin green lines. Who knew such a simple switch could make such a big impact?

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Metallic Cheetah

Animal print is always in style. Instead of laboring over perfectly painted leopard print, consider this cheetah creation that uses a metallic bronze base with effortless black dashes throughout.

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Negative Half Moons

Red, black, and cream have a way of playing nicely with cool weather and your natural nail bed, which means this trendy nail look is one worth saving to your digital stack of autumn inspo.

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Sweet Skeleton

Whether you love Coco or traditionally celebrate Day of the Dead, this cute skeleton nail art has a way of being both minimalist and head-turning at the same time. If you choose to create it yourself, just be sure to keep acetone and an angled brush nearby for touch-ups.

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Fall Flannel

Dusty plaid anyone? This sage and gray combo is definitely one for the autumn books. And, with a little striping tape, it's even a candidate for easy DIY.

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The Friendliest Ghosts

Feeling spooky but also kind of cute? Allow us to introduce you to the friendliest ghost nail art we ever did see.

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Bedazzled Beauties

Ready to go big or go home with your next autumn mani? Skip the polish and arm yourself with an assortment of flat-backed nail jewels. It will take lots of patience to glue them on, but once they're adhered, you're sure to marvel at your prettiest seasonal mani yet.

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Berry Negative Space

These are berry beautiful, don't you think? Yes, we laugh at our own jokes (you should too), but all kidding aside, this negative space nail art lets you play with a dark nail color without creating a fully intense finish - meaning it's especially great for early autumn manis.

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Pattern Mixing

This is what we call pattern mixing at its finest. With a single nude hue that plays prominently throughout, the manicure manages to look cohesive despite being a different print on each nail.

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Orange Tips

If low effort, maximum impact manicures are your go-to, look no further than this pumpkin-dipped mani. With tiny hints of orange at the corner of each nail, there's just enough of a pop to turn heads without making your nails the main player of your entire outfit.

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Muted Mismatch

Browns and greens are as much a part of autumn nature as they are fall beauty. So, what're you waiting for? Grab your favorite evergreen, olive, nude, camel, and burgundy shades for a seasonal nail look that's on-trend with the year's mismatched look.

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Sweet as Pie

These minimalist dotted nails make us think of one thing and one thing only: pumpkin pie. If you want to get in on the sweet look, start with a dusty orange base and add a single cream dot at the bottom of each nail bed.

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Fruitful Harvest

Fruit bowl nails were big for summer, so we're deeming the fall version "harvest nails." They're definitely one of the more intricate autumn nail art ideas, but there's no denying that they make a statement. To bring them to life, ask a manicurist for help-and don't forget to bring this pic for inspo.

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