Shave Your Way to Smooth Skin

If you're not a fan of body hair, but also not a fan of removing it, we understand. It can be a tedious process to groom and shave, but we've got some tools that make it a little less difficult, especially if you're shaving more than just your face. No matter if you're shaving your beard or shaving from the neck down, these products should help you get the job done quickly-with no nicks or cuts.

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Philips Men's Bodygroom

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If you're looking for a close shave, use this directly on your skin. For a longer hair length, add one of the trim guards or the trimmer edges to perfect your cut. On areas like your chest, trimming hair down will give you a groomed look without having to go totally hairless. The Bodygroom can be used on wet or dry hair, meaning you can use it in the shower. Plus, it has an extendable handle that you can use to shave or trim hard-to-reach areas.В

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Can't reach your back? The Mangroomer Electric Back Shaver is a do-it-yourself option for those difficult areas between your shoulders. The adjustable and extendable handle helps you reach all areas of your back.

It's a good option for those that have sparse or upper back hair near the shoulders. It's not the best option if you have thick back hair from top to bottom, just because you run the risk of missing some hair or not getting as close of a shave as you'd like.

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Don't want to use an electric razor to shave tricky areas? The Razorba handle lets you use your favorite manual razor instead. The handle has a holder at the end where you can slip whatever razor you'd normally use into the extender. You could also use Razorba's G.O.A.T. razor, which is twice as wide as a normal razor and fits in the extender. Either way, a manual razor will give you a much closer shave than that of an electric razor.В

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Shaving Cream

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The good old razor and shaving cream works well to get areas smooth on the cheap. Before shaving with a razor, trim longer hair down shortВ by holding a comb over your skin and using scissors or hair clippers with the shortest guard on.

You won't dull the razor by having to eat through a lot of​ the length first, plus you'll get a closer shave if you trim first. And you'll also save yourself some time, especially if you use clippers to trim.

Of course, any shaving cream or gel will do the job for the most part. Shaving cream helps protect skin and make a razor glide more easily as you shave. Picking a cream that fights ingrown hairs is always a plus, like The Art of Shaving's cream.В

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Shaving Your Pubic Area

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Planning on pruning below? This zone is more sensitive and needs special care, especially if you want to be completely bare. Read our step-by-stepВ guide to help you get a close, safe shave while avoiding nicks and cuts.В

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How To Trim Pubic Hair

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Trimming is a go-to for many men who want to lookВ groomed and neat without having to remove all hair. It definitely has its advantages over shaving, with no chance for razor burn or nicks. You can do this with a pair of scissors and a comb (using a steady hand) or with a trimmer.

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Waxing Over Shaving

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Shaving is a quick and easy hair removal method, but hair tends to grow back quickly. Waxing will leave you hair free for weeks at a time. Many men are hitting salons and spas turning to this longer lasting option and letting the pros do the work of hair removal.

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Treating Ingrown Hairs


Unfortunately, ingrown hair, razor bumps, and razor burn often come after shaving thick hair-and that can be almost anywhere on your body. Luckily, there are products like the Anthony Ingrown Hair TreatmentВ made to prevent and treat the unwanted side effects. You don't have to fight razor bumps and burn just to have hairless skin.