Top 10 Hairbrushes on the Market

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Every stylist knows the best hairbrushes have boar bristle. But for the best results, you'll want a brush that has BOTH synthetic (nylon) bristles AND boar bristles. The mix creates the perfect brush: The boar bristles are gentle, while the synthetic bristles help hair dry faster. A good brush helps create shine by distributing oils from your scalp evenly over hair. It acts as a detangler and it won't harm the scalp or tug at strands.
Here we rundown the top 5 hairbrushes on the market today.

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Best Basic Brush: Sephora

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Sephora's basic, handcrafted paddle brush is perfect for normal to fine hair. We love that it has a mix of boar and synthetic bristles, won't snag hair and won't fall apart in a year's time. At less than $50, it's worth the price.

A good brush is an investment. You may spend more than $20 on one, but it will last many, many years with care. To wash hairbrushes, soak them in a warm bath with a few squirts of a clarifying or baby shampoo, then rinse with hot water.

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Best Flat Natural Bristle Brush Hands Down: Mason Pearson

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Not everyone can afford the price tag, but Mason Pearson is THE brush to have if you can afford it. The boar bristles are known for their gentleness, while the synthetic bristles wound into the brush help dry hair faster. A perennial favorite among stylists, this brand of brush has made it onto many of InStyle's best buy lists over the years. I've owned mine for many years and plan to have it for many more.

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Best Round Brush: Spornette Porcupine Brushes

Named the best beauty buy in InStyle Magazine's best beauty buy issue three years in a row, Spornette is the round brush of choice for discerning stylists. Stylist Stuart Townsend said in Elle that he chooses Spornette brushes because they offer a smooth blowout without tugging at the scalp.
Spornette's round brushes give hair body and bounce so you don't need a curling iron or even flat iron. Try the ceramic brush for even more curl and body.

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Best Inexpensive Paddle Brush: Denman

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Don't want to pay the price for a Mason Pearson, but don't want to scrimp on quality? Your best bet is Denman's Medium Cushion Brush with Natural Boar Bristles. Another brand favorite of stylists, Denman's brushes are both high quality and affordable (about $18-$24). This particular brush works particularly well on all types and lengths and is a great detangler.

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Best Flat Brush for Thick Hair: Y.S. Park YS-701 Brush

Y.S. Park YS-701 brush. Pricegrabber

Not as popular as the Mason Pearson brushes (beloved by everyone), this flat brush has longer prongs (made of boar bristles and synthetic bristles which is ideal) enabling the brush to quickly work through super thick hair.

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Best Round Brush: Ibiza Hair Medium Round Brush

Ibiza Hair Medium Round Brush. Pricegrabber

This round brush is made of boar bristles and nylon bristles and is super high-quality. The handle is cork so it's super light in hand.

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Best Thermal Brush: Creative Professional Ceramic Brushes

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Thermal brushes are great for blow-drying hair quickly because they conduct heat, allowing the air to move through the brush and hold a style. In a way, they act like curling irons because you can hold it in place while shooting air on it. The brushes come in a range of round, triangle, curved, barrel, oval, and vented models, with nylon, pin, or boar bristles. Each one is gentle on hair.

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Best Magnesium Brush: RainCry Professional Magnesium Curling Brushes

RainCry Magnesium Curling Brush. RainCry

Like the thermal brush from Creative Professionals above, magnesium brushes are made to create volume and curls. "The heat from the dryer warms the magnesium core of the brush and helps dry hair faster," says hairstylist Michael DueГ±as in Allure Magazine.

Because of the metal core, you need less heat to dry hair, which means these thermal brushes are great for fine hair. Less heat equals less damage, so they are gentle enough for even the finest hair types.

The Raincry brand is Dueñas's favorite. “They are the best I have ever used. You can even leave the brush in hair for a few minutes and let it set, drying the hair like a hot roller,” he said in Allure.

Buy it direct from the manufacturer.

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Best Detangler: The Tangle Teezer

The Tangle Teezer. Pricegrabber

The Tangle Teezer is made of synthetic bristles and works beautifully to detangle hair, especially thick hair. Great for detangling children's hair without yanking it, the Tangle Teezer is not for blowdrying jobs, just for detangling.

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Best Hairbrush for Bedhead Perfection: The Wet Brush

The Wet Brush. Getty Images

The Wet Brush allows you to brush your hair when it's wet to achieve that perfect bedhead. These synthetic bristles are best for detangling and they are placed wide apart making them nice for hair (read: no hair breakage). Simply brush hair that's just out of the shower, maybe add some styling spray or volumizing mousse and then let hair air dry (or go to bed). Voila! Perfect bedhead.