Short Haircuts You Won't Need to Style

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A Short Textured Style

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There are a lot of reasons you might want a haircut that takes little-to-know maintenance. Even if you wear a hat, all these styles need is a quick run-through with the fingers.

This particular style is great option for someone looking for style with almost no work. The hair is cropped short all over the head, But a bit of extra length is added on top. Then just apply a dab of pomade and simply run it the side to side over the top of the head, to add texture and separation. 15 seconds and you're done.

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Casual Tousled Style

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Cole Sprouse has leagues of adoring fans for a reason. He's always stylish, but always looks as though he's put very little effort into it. For a guy with hair like Cole's, a dab of finishing cream and a quick run of your hands through your hair is all you need.В

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Zac Efron's Easy Style

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Zac Efron has had the same hairstyle for a long time, and there's a reason for it. To achieve the look, apply a bit of finishing cream to damp hair and give it a quick toss up and back. That's it. Too easy.

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A Classic Crewcut

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Cut with a number threeВ blade all over the head, this classic crewcut is super easy. A bit of pomade adds shine, but isn't necessary for it to look wonderful. This is a great style for people like Asia Kate Dillon who want almost no maintenance, or for those where hats are a necessity.

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Classic Short Style

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When you're looking for a low care style, short is almost always the best way to go. For this simple short Caesar, the hair is cut using aВ two finger's length on top. Just a bit of pomade adds shine and separation. For those who need to wear a hat or knit cap, this style works well as the short sides minimize the "hat head," while the top stays flat.

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Short Sides and a Longer Top

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For this cut, the hair is cut to about three fourths of an inch on the sides and back with about three inches of length on top. To achieve any kind of slept in look, apply a bit of texture cream or finishing cream to dry hair and toss it around a bit with the fingers. This "out of the bed" style may just make someone want to hop in the bed with you.

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A Long Buzzcut

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This is your typically number five-or-so cut. No product or maintenance is required to pull it off, but running pomade through your hair can give it a great sheen.

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Great Texture and a Little Wave

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For someoneВ with a little natural texture to their hair, this is a perfect style. Simply throw in a little styling cream into damp hair and run your fingers through it until you achieve the desired effect. No comb required.

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The Classic Taper

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Justin Timberlake wears a classic tapered haircut. The hair is clipped short on the sides and back and tapered to zero on the neckline. The hair is left about two and a half inches long on top and can be worn casually swept back wit the fingers (as he's wearing it in the photo above) or neatly parted and combed for a formal look.