OPI Created a Gel Nail Polish That Can Be "Soaked Off" in Less Than 7 Minutes


Here we will list the hallmarks of a gel manicure: The application process is simple (and kind of fun). The resulting manicure is flawless and durable. And the removal process of said manicure is pure and utter hell. Okay, we're being a little dramatic on that last one, but taking off gel nail polish always costs us time, effort, and usually a little nail damage, too.В

Even though annoyance and nail damage are gel manicure realities we accepted a long time ago, it turns out that we don't have to go through that anymore. According to InStyle, OPI, the polish brand that's a resident of almost every nail salon ever, has just released a new gel polish line. The products are called the ProHealth Technology Base Coat and Top Coat, and they promise to protect your natural nails from gel-inflicted damage and make the removal process easy.В


The ProHealth products work as a unit. First, you have to apply the specially formulated Base Coat. It nourishes and protects your nails so that the gel can't weaken and leech nutrients from them. You, of course, need to dry it under a UV light before moving on to the next step (as with other traditional gel manicures). Next comes the fun part-the GelColor polish. OPI offers 140 different shades of this formula, so there's definitely, 100%, without-a-doubt a shade for you. (We like the shadeВ Just Lanai-ing Around $18, which is a pretty autumn berry color.) Choose whichever you like, get to painting, and then it's time for the UV light again. Finally, the last step is the ProHealth Top Coat. It seals and sets the polish.В

So your nails are protected and healthy, but then there's the big issue: taking it off. Like we said before, this part is so incredibly annoying (which actually makes sense considering that the reason we love gel polish so much is becauseВ of its durability). With OPI's new formula, though,В it's pretty easy. Just soak a cotton ball in acetone remover, put it on your nail, wrap in aluminum foil, and in seven minutes the polish will slide off in one large piece.В

If you're dying to try this whole system, head into the nearest nail salon that carries OPI products.

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