Got the Coachella Cough? How to Get Better Fast

There's so much good that comes from Coachella, from the spirit of communal music consumption to the memories-oh the memories. But the problem with the experience is that you always return sick. And it's not just feeling like a run-down dog; it's thatВ horrible, terrible, no-good cough, nicknamed, appropriately enough,В Coachella cough,В thanks in partВ to the insane amount of dust and dirt inhaled in the desert. You end up wheezing as pitifully as Ben Stiller's character in Zoolander, when he complains of having the black lung.В

So, who better to help us get well fast, than a Be WellВ coach from the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in New York City?В Keep scrolling for your get-better-stat plan!В

In general, taking care of yourself after Coachella (or any hard-partying, high-adrenaline weekend) includes tending to three major components: adequate hydration, food, and sleep say Be Well coach Amanda Carney. We know you probably learned this in grade school, but it bears repeating because so many people prolong their recovery time by not addressing these three simple things after a depleting weekend. This means going HAM on liquids, filling your plate with nutrient-dense foods (not comfort food like french fries and ice cream, but food that actually feeds your system with the nutrients it needs to get well fast), and making time for enough sleep, says Carney.

In the liquids department, hot liquids and herbal tea are especially soothing when feeling under the weather, and will help to keep your throat and passages lubricated so the cough isn't so dry and irritating, says Carney.

“Additionally, you can include some raw honey and/or lemon for additional medicinal properties,” she suggests.В

Food-wise, Carney says to reach for immune-boosting foods and herbs like nutrient-dense vegetables (spinach, romaine, kale, broccoli, and brussels sprouts are good options), along with garlic, turmeric, fermented foods, coconut oil, and lemons. Click here to ready about why fermented foods, like kraut and kimchi, are incredible for your immune system.В

While soothing your system with hot liquids and nutrient-rich superfoods, Carney also suggests supplementing with immune-boosting essentials like vitamin D, probiotics, glutathione, and a good quality fish oil. “You want to boost your immune system so it can help the body fight off whatever is irritating it,” she says.

Last but never least, sleep. “Sleeping is one of the fastest and most effective ways to restore the immune system and help you recover for sickness,” says Carney. The less you sleep, the longer it will take to start feeling human again.В

And if you're bound for Coachella weekend two, remember that, as the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. “One of the best ways to prevent needing a serious 'recovery' from a weekend like Coachella is to not run yourself into the ground while you are there,” says Carney. “You want to keep the body hydrated to prevent it from drying out from the heat and dust." She adds that "a sore throat is typically worsened by smoking, yelling or excessive talking, not drinking enough water, and not getting enough sleep or rest." So do your best to minimize the damage and hit those three key areas when you return: hydration (hot liquids especially), nutrient-rich food, and plenty of sleep.

Do you get sick after Coachella? How do you get better quickly? Tell us below!