How to Create the Prettiest Angel Makeup This Halloween

There are a few classic Halloween costumes we consider to be classics:В the skeleton, the witch, the devil, and the angel (and, more recently, the cat). They're classics because they're popular, timeless, and relatively easy to put together. Today, we're concerned with all things angelic-the heavenly and ethereal costume characterized by an all-white ensemble and bright and glowy makeup.В

All you have to do is take a single scroll through YouTube to see countless iterations of angel makeup, complete with step-by-step instructions… Talk about convenience. To make things quicker and easier, we decided to curate a list of the nine best tutorialsВ on the webВ (at least in our humble opinion). We also have a few products to recommend along the way. From illuminating primers to iridescent highlighters, these products will make you glow to the high heavens. Keep scrolling to see them all.В

Old-Hollywood Angel Makeup

Let's start with this glamorous angel makeup look, which reminds us of something an old Hollywood starlet would wear. The key aspects of this look are mile-long lashes, frosty eye shadow, and pink lipgloss. It's vintage, classic, and heavenly.В

Lilac Angel Makeup

Michelle Phan's take on angel makeup is a little bit smokier and a little bit more dramatic than others on YouTube. Instead of the traditional frosty white shadow so many others use, she opts for a lilac purple color to define her crease.В

Technically, this blue glitter cut crease wasn't solely created for pairing with an angelic Halloween costume, but we think it should anyway. TheВ sky blue certainly seems heavenly to us, especially when paired with a cloudy white eyeliner. Pretty, right?

Kylie Jenner Angel Makeup

Remember whenВ Kylie Jenner dressed up as an angel for HalloweenВ and surprised us all with her icy white mascara? This YouTuber re-created that very same look. It's a year later, and we're still obsessed with it.В

This look is all about cool-toned makeup. You'll need bubblegum pink lipstick, silver eye shadow, and some glue-on jewels to replicate this look, and maybe a halo and a set of wings, too.

Cherub Angel Makeup

This take on angel makeup doesn't focus on frosty white, silver, or gold. Instead, it's warm, youthful, and cherub-like. We love the editorial draped blush and bright statement lip. We'll be trying this look out using our Marc JacobsВ Air Blush Soft Glow Duo Blush in Lines and Last Night ($42), which is a similar cherry color.

Sultry Angel Makeup

Similar to the one before, this angel makeup is warm, dramatic, and editorial. In fact, we think this makeup look couldВ be worn far past Halloween, and onto the rest of the holiday season. After all, we'll never say no to a merlot-colored lip.В

Holographic Angel Makeup

This makeup might have been created for a unicorn costume, but we think it would work perfectly as an edgier take on traditional angel makeup. Everything from the holographic silver shadow, silver star sequins, and hair glitter is celestial and ethereal.В

Gold Glitter Angel Makeup

If you prefer gold to silver, this all-over metallic look is for you. Aside from a set of faux lashes, you'll need chunky gold glitterВ and lots of it. You'll look gilded and celestial.В

If you'd rather get creative and DIY your angel makeup, keep scrolling to see ourВ five favorite celestial beauty products.В

Guerlain Meteorites Primer Perfecting Pearls $74Shop

Start off by reaching for a primer, which will prep the skin for makeup and keep it in place all night. This one from Guerlain uses light-reflecting pearls to illuminate the skin.

Maybelline Waterproof Gel Eyeliner $7Shop

This white eyeliner is smudge and waterproof. The gel formula glides on without any tugging or pilling. Plus, you don't have to spend time applying it in messy layers to achieve color payoff. One swipe provides an opaque finish.

Stila Cosmetics Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow $24Shop

Stila's Glitter and Glow Liquid Shadow is a Byrdie team favorite. It has a creamy texture and ultra-pigmented finish that looks stunning on the eyelids. Plus it comes in a wide variety of shades, from neutrals to jewel tones.В

IGK Preparty Hair Strobing Glitter Spray $16Shop

This IGK product adds a veil of glitter to the hair, which can be layered upon for a more dramatic effect. What Halloween costume couldn't use a bit more glitter?В

Sleek MakeUP Highlighter Palette $15Shop

Every kind of angel makeup needs some highlighter. We recommend using this drugstore palette from Sleek MakeUP. Each of the four formulas has super-fine shimmer particles that give a natural-looking radiance to the skin.

NYX Dewy Setting Spray $6Shop

Finish with a setting spray to keep everything locked in place. This one from NYX is a fan favorite. It's only $6 and it adds an extra layer of glow to the skin.В

Now that you have your Halloween makeup all sorted out, be sure to see theВ 13 smoky eye palettes that made our autumn beauty list.В