This New $5 Product Kept Amy Adams's Red Carpet Look in Place for 12+ Hours

Welcome to awards season, folks. It's once again that time of year when red carpetsВ are rolled out practically everyВ Sunday evening and awe-inspiring celebrity beauty looks take hold of our consciousness. Such was the case last night, when the Critics' Choice Awards took place and Hollywood stepped out to celebrate their film accomplishments as well as their fashion and beauty choices. There were slicked-back buns, long, flowing waves, and natural curls at every turn, each one primed, prepped, and styled with some of the industry's most prestigious products. That being said, a few of our favorite looks are always created with drugstore products too-so, yes, they're accessible to more than just the A-list set. Such is the case with Adam Adams' low braided bun from last night's festivities.В

Her hairstylist, John D, aВ TresemmГ© celebrity stylist ( and Byrdie editor favorite) created the look with just two products. And, the hero product costs just $5. "I loved the idea of pulling her hair back to showcase her gorgeous face," John D said of his inspiration for the look. He continues, "We opted for a deep center part and pulled her hair back into a low braided bun. Chic and classic."В Below, find the breakdown of the look so you can try it at home (I just recreated it in my tiny New York City bathroom, so it can, in fact, be done). Keep scrolling for all the instruction you'll need.


Step 1:В "Prep clean, damp hair by squeezing TresemmГ©'sВ Thermal Creations Blow Dry BalmВ ($5) in your palms, emulsifying, and raking it throughout your hair," John D instructs. "Brush it all through to ensure a more even distribution of product. This new balm helps add smoothness and shine to the final style, while also protecting your hair from heat styling," he says.

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Step 2:В "Blow dry your hair using a medium-sized round brush to smooth and create some body. Then when you're creating the braided bun, you hair will fall easily into place," John D notes.В

Step 3:В "Create a deep center parting and pull your hair back into a low pony. Secure using an elastic," he says.


Step 4:В "Separate the ponytail into two parts and fishtail braid each one, also securing both with an elastic," John D continues.

Step 5:В "Once finished, twist the two braids around the base ofВ your pony and secure them using a few hair pins to hold the style in place," he adds.

Step 4:В "Finish the overall look with a spritz of theВ Compressed Micro Mist Hold Level 4: Extend Hair SprayВ ($5) to keep hair locked into place and full of shine," he concludes.


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