8 Terrifyingly Gorgeous Halloween Looks You Have to See to Believe

We know this upcoming spooky holiday is usually all about the outfits (see our favorite jaw-droppingВ celebrity Halloween costumes), but-being beauty devotees-we prefer getting into the spirit with face makeup and otherworldly hair choices. There are unicorns, skeletons, movie characters, and creepy undead dolls to get into, all of which require different, and equally exciting, makeup and hair prep.

Whether you're looking for some Halloween inspiration or are just in the mood for some jaw-dropping makeup talent, keep scrolling to see 30 terrifyingly beautiful Halloween makeup looks from a few of your favorite celebrities.

Dream Unicorn

The lasting power of the unicorn trend is what's truly scary. But even if you're so over it, you can't help but admit thatВ Jenna Dewan'sВ take on the magical creature makes for a mesmerizing look.

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Modern Art

We may have no clue what to call this artistic look, but we'd like to assume it belongs in some fancy art gallery in New York City.

Superhero Goals

Channeling one of the most powerful X-Men makes for a killer Halloween costume.В KhloГ© KardashianВ is the perfect Storm with her icy, glazed-over eyes and hair to match.

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Okay, this look may be extremely intricate, but trust us, it's well worth it. You're guaranteed to be the best looking leopard in town.

Clown Cutie

Whoever said clown makeup had to be silly is dead wrong.


While this may not be realistic for most of us to pull off for a Halloween soiree, we sure do love swooning over oceanic-Avatar look.

Statuesque Skeleton

Kim Kardashian West made skeletons chic when she debuted this spooky look.В Lucky for us, there's anВ easy-to-follow tutorialВ for re-creating her intricate makeup.

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Neon Skeleton

This colorful rendition of a skeleton is perfect when you want to stay traditionally festive, but not too dark. Yep, we've all been there.

Comic Book Pop Art

We're totally intoВ DIY'ing a comic book character,В as seen here on Hailey Baldwin's friendВ Marianne Fonseca,В because it pretty much means you won't need to buy a costume.

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Green Elf

Between the purple lids and platinum pixie cut, this elf makeup screams trick-or-treat… but make it fashion.

LeeLoo Skull

Inspired by the 90's film, Fifth Element, this orange-haired character is a super unique take on the traditional skeleton costume.

Frida Kahlo

Dressing up like a female icon isn't such a bad deal? This version of Frida Kahlo is easy enough to recreate at home and is sure to wow.

Corpse Bride

For better or for worse, right? Have fun creating this happily-never-after look, and don't worry about your makeup melting off. After all, we've got some tips forВ making your Halloween makeup last all night long.

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Two-Faced Skull

This might be the only time it's actually acceptable to be two-faced.

Beetlejuice Babe

Will we ever grow old of obsessing over Beetlejuice? Nope, I don't think so.

The Tin Man

Since movies are a go-to for Halloween inspo, we couldn't forget this old-time classic.

Ice Cream Cone & Sprinkles

If scary looks aren't your thing, opt for a sweet, eye-catching makeup look like this one.

Terrifying Annabelle

Complete opposite of the above, this look is completely terrifying, but hey… no judgement if it's what you choose. Just stay far away from the kiddos.

Grinning Ghost

We love a good skeleton look like the one seen here onВ Casper Smart and Jennifer LopezВ back in 2015. So what if you're craving something creative but hesitant about a full-on makeup look? Simply stretch your smile and do your eye makeup as usual. VloggerВ Kayla Hagey has the full tutorial.

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PokГ©mon Rocket

This Team Rocket girl looks so realistic, your friends will think you stepped right out of a PokГ©mon movie.

Wonder Woman Comic

Skip the $50 costume at the Halloween story and make your look more realistic by drawing on the details with makeup.

Snow Queen

This look would give us nightmares if it weren't so jaw-droppingly beautiful.

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Alice Meets Barbie

Don't let the double-eyed look scare you away, but expect your friends to talk about your stellar makeup skills all night long.

Darling Doe

We can nearly guarantee this majestic doe escaped from an enchanted forest. Enough said.

Dia De Los Muertos

If you're looking to go incognito this trick-or-treat, this full-face look is for you.

Robo Girl

This is nigh-impossible to recreate at home unless you're an undercover professional artist, but it sure is fun to look at.

Fiery Devil

We love the simplicity of this look. All you need is red body paint and eyeliners and the look is complete.

Glamorous Clown

Looking for a look that's completely customizable? This black and white clown look can be transformed however you please.

Dark Phoenix

Yet another movie-inspo done right. Though this lightning face makeup can be paired with a plethora of costumes.

Animalistic Doll

We're not sure what to call this look from Ashley Benson, but whatever it is, we're blown away by the intense lashes.

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