The "Flare Highlight" Is the Newest Makeup Trend That's Going Viral

Highlighter wasn't really a thing until a couple of years ago, when it went viral in the true sense of the word. Where before there were only a few on the market (and those weren't even necessarily called "highlighters," by the way), there are now thousands of glowy, dewy options.

While some people might prefer a subtle take on the trend, others prefer an intense, almost blinding highlight. If you belong to the latter category, then the newest makeup trend will suit you just fine. It's called the Flare Highlight, and according to Allure, it's all thanks to one determined beauty Instagrammer, @thestudyofmakeup, who cites her inspirations as a number of different drag queens, Barbie, and Disney princesses. (If that doesn't prepare you for this level of highlight, I don't know what will). Keep scrolling to see this flare highlight trend for yourself, but before you do, you might want to grab a pair of sunglasses.

The flare highlight is all about making a glow so reflective and intense that it creates a lens flare on the camera when a photo is snapped. If you're like us, the first question you have is simple: How? As she told Allure, it all comes down to using the right product and tool. "Most people apply their highlight with a large fan brush," she said. "I use a very dense wet eye shadow brush." This, in turn, "condenses the pigment and centralizes it."

As for her product of choice, she likes to use Makeup Revolution Blushing Hearts Highlighter in Goddess of Love ($7). "It's triple baked for maximum pigment pay-off and luminosity," she said. "I have never found anything else like it." It also has a white shimmer, versus others that have gold and pink undertones, which she says is key. "Since white doesn't absorb light, it only reflects it, it is much brighter and reflective than pink or gold highlighters, which are more popular," she said.

But don't think highlighter is the only thing it takes to achieve this level of photographic luminosity. Apparently, this makeup devotee employs the use of actual Swarovski crystals (not even kidding). "The inspiration came from a crystal tiara that I was gifted from my boyfriend for our anniversary," she says. "Every time I wore it, it would sparkle and flare from the lights and reflect rainbows. So I thought, 'What if I placed a crystal in the center of my highlight and tried to capture the lens flare?' While this is the single most extra thing we've ever heard, the results don't lie; she has, indeed, achieved the brightest, most blinding highlight of all time.

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Opening Image: Urban Outfitters