So, Everyone Is Buying This $20 Sleep Supplement From Priceline


Who felt exhausted at the end of last year? We sure did. If one of yourВ 2018 health goals was to get more sleep, we might just have a solution for you. If you're finding that your silk eye-mask justВ isn't enough to lull you off into a deep and restful slumber, a natural supplement might do the trick. But with about a million options on the market, we thought it best to ask the experts at Priceline for their advice.В

So to help you chase that elusiveВ eight hours, we've got the top four selling sleep supplements across all Priceline stores. The best part? They're all natural. Keep scrolling to shop the bunch (and sweet dreams).В


Bioglan Melatonin $20 $14Shop

The top spot belongs to this homeopathic blend from Bioglan. If you haven't tried melatonin, now's your chance. Aside from being loved by models and celebrities (because who has time for jetlag),В team Byrdie Australia can confirm that the herbal supplement helps you relax, and to relieve insomnia.В


Swisse Ultiboost Sleep $29 $18Shop

This supplement contains valerian and hops to relieve nervous tension and promote restful sleep. Take one about half an hour before bed with a chamomile tea.В


Nature's Own Sleep-Ezy $17Shop

Like the Swisse formula above, valerian and hops act as a mild (natural) sedative, while chamomile relaxes.В


Cenovis EasySleep $12Shop

This high dose of valerian works quickly so that a restful nights sleep is a reality. And at $12, it's worth keeping one on the bedside table.В