The Little-Known French Pharmacy Brand You Need on Your Radar

You know your French pharmacy brands, right? You know your AvГЁnes from your La Roche-Posays? How about SVR? Nope, we hadn't heard of it either. But this little-known French pharmacy brand has been around since the early '60s and is big news in France. Much like the Gallic brands we're familiar with, SVR has simple packaging and different ranges for different skin concerns. Luckily for us, we don't have to jump on the Eurostar to get our hands on the products, as they're stocked on both Feelunique and Lookfantastic.

The tagline for the brand is "Prescribed by dermatologists. Developed by pharmacists. Loved by all the family," so you know you're in good hands. Tempted to try SVR? To help you work your way around the confusing names like XГ©rial and Clarial, we called on the brand to share its 10 best-selling products. I suggest you peruse the list, shop the products and make like the best kind of French stereotype by having a pampering evening with your SVR picks, some lots of vin rouge and a hefty cheese plate.

10. Sensifine AR CrГЁme

SVR Sensifine AR CrГЁme $17Shop

Prone to redness and sensitivity? This cooling, heat-regulating cream will be a soothing addition to your routine.В

9. Clarial CrГЁme 10

SVR Clarial CrГЁme 10 $28Shop

A hydrating, glow-boosting serum, thisВ also tackles hyperpigmentation and fades every type of mark and blemish.

8. Clarial SГ©rum

SVR Clarial SГ©rum $35Shop

Packed with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, this serum also tackles pigmentation and works hard to fade old acne scars. It also tackles brown spots and prevents new ones from occurring. Layer with Clarial CrГЁme 10 for ramped-up results.

7. XГ©rial 50 Extreme Foot Cream

SVR XГ©rial 50 Extreme Foot Cream $10Shop

This urea-based cream works over seven days to tackle calluses and hard skin. It can also be used on hands, elbows and knees.В

6. Sensifine AR Cream SPF50+

SVR Sensifine AR Cream SPF50+ $17Shop

Incredibly soothing, this SPF50 cream is designed to protect and calm sensitive skin prone to redness on hot, sunny days.В

5. Physiopure Micellar Water

SVR Physiopure Micellar Water $15Shop

You can use this micellar on your whole face, including eyes and lips. It contains oxygenating magnesium to help purify the skin, removing even waterproof makeup, dirt and grime without leaving the skin feeling dry or tight.В

4. Sebiaclear Foaming Gel

SVR Sebiaclear Foaming Gel $11Shop

If you prefer a wash-off cleanser and have to deal with excess oil or blemishes, this is for you. ItВ foams, deep-cleans, and leaves skin feeling fresh and looking matte.В

3. Sensifine Dermo Nettoyant Cleanser

SVR Laboratoires Sensifine Dermo Nettoyant Cleanser $11Shop

Another one for sensitive, redness-prone skin, this no-rinse cleanser has justВ nine ingredients to effectively but gently remove makeup and dirt.В

2. Hydraline Essence

SVR Hydraline Essence $10Shop

If hydration is your concern, adding this essence into your routine is a good idea. With a consistency like water but packed with hydrating ingredients like glycerin and sodium hyaluronate, this will plump skin and help lock in much-needed moisture. Simply pat onto the face after cleansing but before applying your serum and/or moisturiser.

1. XГ©rial 10 Body Lotion

SVR XГ©rial 10 Body Lotion $18Shop

For seriously dry, cracked skin, this urea-based lotion keeps skin soft, hydrated and comfortable for 24 hours.

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