3 Fitness Experts Share Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Workouts

It happens to the best of us: One day, you're going about your regular exercise routine feeling amazing, and suddenly wham, you hit a wall. Call it a slump, a rut, an insatiable need for workout inspiration-whatever you call it, it's defeating. That's why we tapped three leading fitness pros for their advice on shaking things up and making a workout more effective. Their advice-don't resignВ yourself to a boring workouts.В

But a well-rounded workout plan isn'tВ just about arming yourself with the right moves-your gear is important too. From a super-supportive sports bra to less obvious things like antiperspirant, the items you stash in your gym bag can make all the difference. Not sure where to start? Below, each fitness insiderВ shares his or her tips, tricks, and product picks guaranteed to reinvigorate your Sunday morning yoga practice (or other workout of choice).

Boredom is motivation's mortal enemy, so to thwart it in your workouts, Ally Love-model, host, and Peloton instructor-suggests focusing on variety. “Think of working out like a buffet,” she says. “Try a little bit of everything, and do more of the stuff that you love.” And if you're following that advice but still need an extra boost, consider what you're wearing and the products you're using.

 “Dressing the part can motivate you to play the part,” she continues. “When I'm comfortable without compromising style or functionality, it really adds to my game.” Her must-have? Degree UltraClear Antiperspirant Deodorant Dry Spray Black & White ($5). “It's the invisible products that make looking, smelling, and ultimately feeling good possible, especially when I have to run from the studio to a meeting,” she says.

Another trick for spicing up your routine? “Working out with a friend always adds an extra push,” says Kirk Myers, Dogpound founder, owner, and CEO. “You know you're not alone, and it also adds some competition into the mix.” Once you've found your go-to gym partner, incorporate pairings of two different movements-think a bench press and a pull-up-into your sweat sesh.

Doubling up is a surefire way to shock your system and amp up your workout. It increases intensity and limits rest periods, pushing people past the limits they've become accustomed to, explains Myers, adding that proper nutrition is also a game changer. Make sure you have the right gym gear on hand, too. “I never hit the gym without a resistance band; it's a multipurpose piece of equipment that supports muscle building and fat loss,” he adds.

“I get bored really fast,” says Nicole Winhoffer, creator of the NW Method. “As a solution, the workouts I teach change each class, with new movements, new music, and a new set of muscles being targeted,” she explains. And while you may be working out your body, don't downplay how important the mental component is when it comes to inspiration and achieving maximum results. Keeping the body guessing is important for your muscles, mind, heart, and spirit, she adds.

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