Here's What Women With Great Eyelashes Always Do


All eyelashes are definitely not created equal. While some women have hit the genetic jackpot with long, lush lashes, some of us are stuck with stubby excuses for them. But it turns out genetics aren't the only factor that yield fabulous lashes-it's what you do to keep them intact that matters greatly too. The beauty here is that while you may have ill feelings towards your current set, you can still steal the best practices of women with amazing lashes to improve your own. To get more information on how best to take care of your lashes, we turned to some trustworthy experts. Keep scrolling to learn their secrets!

Are you a frequent eye-rubber and lash-puller? Celebrity makeup artist and brow expertВ Tonya CrooksВ advises against that: "Never rub or pull on lashes as this can damage them." It's also important to keep this in mind when removing your makeup too, according to Kate O'Brien ofВ Alima Pure Cosmetics: "Always be gentle when removing eye makeup. Scrubbing is harsh and may cause you to lose lashes." That's just about the last thing we'd want to happen!

Sonia Kashuk, makeup artist and founder of Sonia Kashuk Beauty says that sleeping in your makeup is a total no-no: "My number one rule is to always take your makeup off with a good eye makeup remover. Don't leave mascara on lashes overnight-make sure you give them a good deep cleaning so that they can breathe."В

Kashuk also urges you to be mindful of your lashes when wearing falsies: "Be careful when taking off false lashes-it's easy to pull and rip at your natural lashes."

"Another helpful tip is to always use a curler before applying mascara. If used afterwards, the mascaraed lashes will stick to the curler and create a damaging situation for your lashes," says Kashuk. Also, O'Brien says to use a light hand with your lash curler: "A few light squeezes of the handle will naturally curl your lashes without pulling or giving them a blunt crease."

For fuller and healthier eyelashes, O'Brien recommends using a lash conditioner. If you prefer the naturalВ route, she says castor oil is a great option.

"If you want thick lashes without turning to falsies, dot the upper lash line with long-wear black liner. It instantly adds definition and creates the illusion of fuller lashes," says Kashuk.


A super important thing women with great lashes never do? Use expired mascara: "Refresh your mascara every 6 months to avoid applying dry, contaminated, or expired product," says Kashuk. Also, when applying your mascara, O'Brien says it's all in the technique: "Always apply mascara starting at the roots and slightly wiggle the wand to build volume as you comb through. Let the first coat dry completely and apply a second for extra definition."

"I recommend not using waterproof mascara, as it contains harsh ingredients that helpВ it stay on longer that aren't good for the lashes. If you must use waterproof, I'd use a lash conditioner first," says Crooks.

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