Do You Remember These Old-School Perfumes?

Scents are a powerful memory trigger-which is why every time we get a whiff of something that smells remotely reminiscent of Gap's discontinued Dream, we're instantlyВ transported back to our bittersweet pre-teen years, where images of Devon Sawa and YM magazine abound.
If you, too, remember obsessing over Gap's iconic line of fragrances (RIP Dream, Heaven, and Grass), and hoarding a strange amount of Bath & Body Works' ultra-sweet scents (shout out to Peach Nectar and Country Apple), this one's for you. Scroll through for a look back at the best scents of the '90s and early aughts-if you can handle the nostalgia.

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Gap Dream

Over a decade after its demise, it's still difficult for us to talk about Gap Dream, the defining scent of our yesteryears. The white freesia,В orange flower, and "pure cloud" perfume was magnetic, hypnotizing, and utterly unique. As true people in denial areВ wont toВ do, we have hope that Gap will one day bring back this national treasure. Hey, it happened with Arrested Development. Anything is possible.В

Until that day, we found a stand-in in Marchesa's white freesia and orange flower Parfum D'extase, below.В

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