These Are the 10 Best-Selling Lush Bath Bombs

Lush bath bombs are popular. We're talking seriously well-loved. How do we know? Well, at last count, Lush was selling 17 bath bombs every minute, and that's just in the UK. Impressive. So how did it all start? Well, Lush bath bombs are 29 years old, and they were actually created back in 1988 when Lush was a mail-order company called Cosmetics to Go. Co-founder Mo Constantine, OBE, invented these solid bath salts with mood-altering essential oils and skin-soothing butters as an alternative to the detergent-heavy products that were on the market at that time. The bath bombs that crackle, fizz and whirl around the tub, coloring the water as they go, have become a serious cult buy and something so utterly synonymous with the company you almost can't go in without purchasing one.


Lush bath bombs also have some pretty surprising celebrity fans. Kylie Jenner is a fan sharing snaps and Instastories of her bath bombs from time to time. Courtney Love, Leonardo Dicaprio, Julia Roberts and Johnny Depp are among the A-list fans. Now, if you think these heavily scented bath bombs are a bit much, know that queen of all things natural and good for you, Gwyneth Paltrow, is a fan, with her bath bomb of choice being the Butterball (which ranks at a respectable No. 9В on the top-10 list). We called on Lush to share with us the top 10 best-selling bath bombs, which we've ranked from 10 to one in the gallery below. Keep scrolling to shop them now.

9. Twilight

Lush Twilight Bath Bomb $7Shop

Twilight is for anyone with trouble sleeping. It turns the water a deep shimmering purple and contains lavender essential oil to soothe and calm the body and mind.

8. Avobath

Lush Avobath Bath Bomb $7Shop

Packed with lemongrass and bergamot oils, this bath bomb turns the bath water a shimmering pink hue and tackles dry skin, thanks to the avocado and olive oils.

7. Geode

Lush Geode Bath Bomb $7Shop

Filled to the brim with uplifting scents like bergamot and lavender, Geode is the bath bomb you want when you're having a stressful day and need to unwind. If you want to rinse the psychological burdens of the day away, this is how you do it.

4. Butterball

Lush Butterball Bath Bomb $5Shop

Created for dry, sensitive or irritated skin, this buttery bath bomb is fused with cocoa butter pieces. Uplifting ylang-ylang oils, used in aromatherapy to treat stress and depression, relaxes the nervous system and helps relieves anger, panic and fear.

3. Sex Bomb

Lush Sex Bomb Bath Bomb $8Shop

Containing jasmine, ylang-ylang and clary sage oils, this bath bomb helps to relax you. Jasmine is an ancient aphrodisiac that eases stress and anxiety. Clary sage clears the mind, while ylang-ylang is known for soothing worries.

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